About Joyful Mothers Ministries

Joyful Mothers’ Ministries is an interdenominational ministry founded by Dr Toyin Adewunmi in May 2002. The ministry initially began with encouraging and praying with women trusting God for the fruit of the womb. Signs and wonders accompanied the waiting women's prayer meetings and night vigils. She has written three books from this ministry that directly minister to waiting mothers.

Over the past decade, the Lord has expanded the vision of Joyful Mothers Ministries to include encouraging, empowering and enriching other women and mothers, including Pastor's wives.

Over the years, Joyful Mothers Ministries have connected with women and mothers through conferences, prayer meetings, and working with mothers on the "Save the future generation project", which involves travailing for young people.

Joyful Mothers Ministries is based in London, and women from other denominations have benefited from the ministry.


Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Joyful Mothers’ Ministries is an interdenominational ministry with a mission to encourage, empower and enrich the lives of women and mothers through God’s word and prayer.

Our Vision

We believe that we are in this generation to minister to women and mothers.

  • According to 60:1-2, we believe that the glory of God is upon us to shine His light on women and mothers 
  • We have the vision to empower and enrich the lives of women including waiting mothers and pastor’s wives, encouraging them to take their rightful place in society .
  • By God’s grace, we strive to build a place where women and mothers could embrace God’s light that brings freedom, peace, love, and joy into their homes and society.
  • We desire that every woman and mother that come to our ministry would find peace.

Our Strategy

Our strategy to achieving our mission and vision includes connecting with other women and mothers from all walks of life.

Fostering the connection of women and mothers with God individually, through organising conferences, and by attending prayer meetings to travail for ourselves, homes and the future generations.

We believe that the power of the Holy Spirit is available to work with every woman who would yield themselves.

We believe that every woman has been set free to be who God has created them to be through the love of Jesus Christ. 

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Our Slogan

Our aim is to connect with every woman and mother for the purpose of connecting with God, travailing and rejoicing.