Save the Future generations

Be one of the Deborahs or Midwives of this Generation!

Our goal is to encourage every mother to pray for their children and other children in their land. We want to see the Spirit of God move in the lives of the children and youths in neighbourhoods. We aim to achieve this through prayer meetings and prayer walks. Through His power total restoration is inevitable.

Did you know that when the enemy wants to destroy a nation or the future of a country, he starts by destroying their children? The devil cannot journey into the future to destroy it; however, by targeting the children and youths in a society, he knows that he can destroy the future of a nation. For example, in the Bible times, we saw the first example of murder where Cain murdered his brother Abel because of jealousy (Genesis 4: 1-8). Pharaoh instructed the midwives to kill every Hebrew boy during delivery, Exodus. 1:15-2:10. It happened that Moses was born during that time. It was not a mistake that Moses was born during that challenging time; it was all part of God's plan. Also, Herod initiated the execution of every child from two years and below. His intention was to remove Jesus Christ and terminate the life of the Saviour of mankind. Read the story in Matthew 2:16-18.

For children or youths with a wrong outlook on life, we trust that God will turn things around.  God did not ignore negativity (Genesis 4: 9-16); also we cannot afford to ignore it. Eli was guilty of not calling his children to order. Therefore, God wiped his generation from the priesthood line. God is looking for spiritual midwives who will deliver these children, alive; in the place of prayer. He is looking for people who will hide them under the shadow of His wings.

Deborah arose in Israel even when the streets became quiet and devoid of people because of war and terror. Deborah arose as a mother in Israel. This land needs the Deborahs of its time. The younger generation needs the Deborahs and midwives of their time.

Children and youths are God’s heritage; they are the future generation. Let's arise to challenge the negativity that is happening in our society. If we refuse to pray for them today, it means we have accepted defeat. Do not overlook the lives of the children; we can start right now, this very minute – making a positive difference in the children’s future. It is never too early; it is never too late. At every stage of their lives, children will benefit from the prayers of mothers.

 Please join with other mothers to pray. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

God Bless.


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